Unrelinquished by their praises

deteriorating within their blind sight

described as the holy heart warming blazes

thawing the coldness of humankind’s spite

yet scraping her living embraceless and cold

by seeming too frigid to ever come close


Their visionless minds see nothing but greed

entitled they feel, remorseless they feed

imbibing her power; her wish for embrace

is pushed into darkness in front of her face

immortalised as the goddess of light

but drained of all strength and engrossed in fright


My maimed ruin of soul can take it no more

and urges me to ascend above all

to strain all my might, overcoming the pull

of the earth and the exploiting rats puny views


Attached to my back, fragile wings made of right

I swell my lungs and soar into the light

painting their dismal lives black and white

judicialize them, force them to resign

I reach out my hand and I touch the sky

rip open the fabric, gain even more height

approach her, my mouth forms a heavenly smile

as she engulfs me and through the sands of time

we take back our might by defeating mankind.